Ghostface Killah Ethers Martin Shkreli For 11 Minutes In New Video

Ghostface Killah

UPDATE: Ghostface also appeared on Fox Business in a more serious fashion earlier this morning (February 9) to talk with host Maria Bartiromo about Shkreli and how he has “no respect for life.” Check out the clip below:

After weeks of taunts, talk show appearances, and magazine interviews, pharma-douche/Once Upon A Time In Shaolin owner Martin Shkreli has finally forced a reply out of Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah. The legendary Wu-Tang rapper just dropped an 11-minute video reply earlier this morning (February 9), and from the looks of it, he’s ready for the kill.

Ghost rips into Shkreli about his so-called goons, his “twelve-year-old body,” spending $2 million on Wu-Tang’s one-of-a-kind album, and his infamous price hike on the AIDS medication. And if you thought Shkreli’s goons were wild, wait until Ghost’s shooters come out.

Shkreli wasn’t impressed with Ghost’s video:


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