12 Things Kanye West’s “T.L.O.P.” Could Stand For


The Wave was short-lived as Kanye West opted to change the name of his album for a third time to the acronym T.L.O.P.  Last year he announced that his seventh solo album would be named So Help Me God before changing it to S.W.I.S.H and then Waves a few weeks ago. After receiving some backlash from fans and artists who thought he was jumping on the trend of incarcerated rapper Max B (who actually felt honored) Yeezy has pivoted again, offering free Yeezy Season 3 tickets to anyone who can guess what T.LO.P. stands for. Even Questlove got in on the game:

Last year we took some educated guesses at SWISH, so why not with T.L.O.P.?

1. The Lauren of Polo

Kanye West and Ralph Laurne

2. They Left Out Pharrell 


3. Titties Live On Periscope

kim 2 thumb

4. Tenuous Legality Of Paternity


5.  The Language Of Perfection


6. Tacit Loathing Of Paparazzi


7. The Life Of Pimps 

8. Televised Launch Of Presidency
9. Tweeting  Lobster On Pause

10. Toronto Lightskin Owes Publishing


11.Taping Ladies Oral Pleasure


Or gasp…

12. The Last Official Project…


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