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Will Smith Says Jaden Is “Fearless,” Praises Janet Hubert

In a recent interview with BBC Radio’s A.Dot, Will Smith opened up about everything from his son Jaden being the new face of Louis Vuitton’s womenswear collection to boycotting The Oscars. In the rapid fire 7-minute exchange Smith was candid and honest about the challenges of parenting very independent children and supporting an outspoken spouse.

Of the revelations we’re most interested in Smith confirmed a Bad Boys 3 sequel with Martin Lawrence and what he thinks of Janet Hubert, the actress who once played Aunt Viv on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire,” but has not been kind to him in the press.

We’ve broken out highlights below and you can watch the full interview above.

His Nigerian accent for “Concussion” (:38)

“I got to spend time with the actual doctor, met his family and his children. That made it a lot easier.”

On being James Bond: (1:27)

“No, no. Idris has to do that one first. Idris is gonna be the first Black Bond.”

On declining  “Independence Day 2”: (1:52)

“It was one of those things …I had a couple of films lined up, Concussion and Suicide Squad. So it was a decision timing wise between Independence Day and Suicide Squad. They were sending me pictures from the set and I was like “aww.” The world is in a place of nostalgia right now…it was the perfect opportunity but it didn’t work out.”

On “Wild Wild West 2” (2:44)

“There will probably NOT be a Wild Wild West 2”

On “Bad Boys 3”? (2:49)

“I saw Martin a few weeks ago and I hadn’t seen him for about two years. We just looked at each other and hugged and in that moment we knew we were doing another Bad Boys.”

His Kids Freedom of Expression (3:36)

“Jaden is 100% fearless. He will do anything. As a parent it’s scary, it’s really terrifying. But he is completely willing to live and die by his artistic decisions and doesn’t concern himself with what people think.”

The Oscars (5:37)

It’s so far not about me. It’s not about us going to a show or not.  For me it’s a much bigger social issue. I’m recognizing a pattern of the narrowing of the imagery. The narrowing of tolerance in America. the last 18 months I’ve been watching the news…my concern is Hollywood is reflecting a regressive trend. Hollywood is supposed to lead.

Who was the better Aunt Viv? (7:06)

“I think both of the Aunt Viv’s were really, really fantastic. I think when you make a show, anytime you make a change it’s gonna be excruciating and painful. I think that Janet Hubert Witten brought a really powerful dignity to the show. I think she’s brilliant. As an artist there’s so many things that she does…she’s a really powerful artist. I loved what she brought to ‘The Fresh Prince.’“

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