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Watch Torae & Phonte “Clap Sh*t Up” [VIDEO]

If somehow you missed our extensive profile on Brooklyn rap vet Torae or our highlight of the killer barz on “Clap Sh*t Up” in our weekly “Barcode” segment then you’re in for a treat. The third video from Tor’s exceptional sophomore album Entitled brings us back to his Coney Island stomping grounds and the rap game’s Rolly Forbes Phonte is along for the ride.

The two mad matadors of metaphor pounce on the Nottz beat as Pixelmotiv Media x Illhouse lens and illustrate their every movement.

If you enjoy Torae and Phonte’s rhyme synergy make sure to check them both out in VH1’s “The Breaks” when it re-airs. Both MCs play battle rappers Sig Sauer and Imam Ali respectively, with Phonte penning the rhymes. Watch “Clap Sh*t Up” above and his “Verse Behavior” segment below.




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