Dee-1’s “Sallie Mae Back” Is The Ultimate Post-College Anthem

Sallie Mae has a great many of our phone numbers on speed dial these days. But the feeling of finally being free of those student loans must be one of the best in the world (I’m nowhere near that just yet). But New Orleans rapper Dee-1 finally crossed that threshold recently, and to celebrate, he’s put out the video for his song “Sallie Mae Back.”

In what’s probably the most accurate post-college rap song of all time, Dee-1 talks about the excitement he felt from getting that “Congratulations, you just paid off your student loans” email. “”As we all know, student loan debt is out of control. So when I got my advance, the 1st thing I did was finish paying Sallie Mae back,” he said in a press statement. “I love being debt-free, so I made this song as an anthem to celebrate and also to encourage others who are working towards being debt-free.”

Watch him wile out in the video above. Get those loans right!

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