Watch Aaron Gordon Make A Lounge Chair Out Of Oxygen In Slam Dunk Contest

Aaron Gordon Dunk Stylized
The 2016 Verizon Slam Dunk Contest may have salvaged the fizzling competition. Thanks to the acrobatics of Minnesota Timberwolve’s Zach LaVine and Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon, the Dunk contest was called one of the best—ever.
Check out the best dunks below.
1. For his first dunk Gordon walked out in a suit to the tune of “Classic Man” before flushing it between his legs.
2. Defending champion Zach LaVine goes Behind-the-Back then throws down the one-hand reverse jam for his first dunk.
3. For his second dunk Aaron Gordon grabs the ball off the head of the Orlando Magic mascot then puts it between his legs and throws it down with authority. Degree of difficulty is insane.
4. For his second dunk Zach LaVine takes off from the foul line.
5. To start off the championship round, Aaron Gordon and pays homage to the Mailman and adds his own spin on the vintage jam.
6. Zach LaVine rises up then throws down the 360 cupped slam for his first dunk of the championship round.
7. In what many consider to be the best dunk of the night–and possibly this decade–Aaron Gordon puts the ball under his legs while jumping over the Orlando Magic Mascot for his second dunk of the championship round.
8. Demonstrating some serious ups, Zach LaVine added a windmill to the classic foul line jam for his second dunk of the championship round.
Thanks to some stingy judging by some whose name rhymes with wack O’wheel, the contest went into tie-breaking rounds.
9. Aaron Gordon takes the Elfrid Payton lob off the backboard and throws down the two-hand windmill reverse.


10. Zach LaVine starts out behind the hoop and throws down a monster between-the-legs reverse jam.


11. Aaron Gordon cocks it behind his head then adds the Dominique Wilkins pump for the monster reverse slam.


12. To close it out Zach LaVine takes off from just inside the foul line and puts it between the legs to win the 2016 Verizon Slam Dunk Contest at All-Star Weekend in Toronto.

LaVine dedicated his trophy to the memory of his late coach Flip Saunders, who died of Cancer on October 25, 2015.

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