Short Films “Forward” and “Sacred Heart” Offer Love Lost & Found For Valentine’s Day

Forward Short film matthew a cherry

Love comes in all shapes, sizes and ..ahem…lengths. While many folks are hunkered down with their significant other for a marathon binge of their favorite show or sneaking into their second viewing of Deadpool, there are some picks that are perfect for those of us on a time budget. Two short films by Black filmmakers are bite-sized and beautiful, perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any day, when love is the message.

Director: Matthew A. Cherry
Length: 11:19

A man finds a woman’s purse on the train and after collecting some clues from her belongings—and a photo—sets out to find the woman and return it. Beautifully shot in black and white the clip feels like a stylistic blend of Pixars “Paperman” and “The Adjustment Bureau,” with nods to Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It” in some street scenes. Cherry masterfully keeps the storyline moving with no dialogue, letting the city and soulful score narrate his journey.

“Sacred Heart”
Director: Jennia Fredrique
Length: 14: 18

Premiering on, “Empire” star Jussie Smollett shares a first look at Sacred Heart, an award-winning short film he executive produced that will be released on Valentine’s Day online. The film tells the story of a scorned woman who flies to Paris hoping to fuck the memory of her cheating husband out of her mind. But things aren’t as they seem as she confesses her own infidelity to her counselor. Purchase at

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