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Jay Electronica Drops “#TBE: The Curse Of Mayweather,” Takes Shots At 50 Cent


The world of hip-hop stays divided on Jay Electronica. Everyone acknowledges the man’s undeniable skill as an MC, but most of us need to hear an album before we can claim him; he thinks otherwise.

Out of the blue, Electronica dropped “#TBE: The Curse Of Mayweather” via his Twitter today (February 15), but he didn’t leave all the bombs on his song. Shortly after the song went live, Electronica aired some dirty laundry out on Twitter:

50 Cent told a fan via Instagram that he had no idea who Jay Electronica was: ““who is that? I don’t even know a song from him. LMAO.”

During a livestream on Periscope last week, Electronica let some insults fly toward 50: “50 Cent at once, he was a good rapper,” he said. “Right now he got the potential to be a rapper, but he’s on some sucker shit…and we will slap 50 Cent’s eyeballs loose out his scalp.”

And then this happened:

Your move, rest of the world.

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