Saul Williams On Donald Trump: “We Get The Leaders We Deserve”

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Smart people get asked about dumb shit all the time. It’s the hidden cost of having an informed world view that is not compromised. So when we had poet, actor and MC Saul Williams held captive in our studio we asked him about a lot of dumb shit. Poisoned water, police brutality, genocide. Yes, he was here to talk about his heady new project Martyr Loser King, a dense and winding aural narrative of a hacker who ignites a revolution from his desktop. It’s a notion that is almost nostalgic in an age when people use computers to commit so much idiocy. But it’s also timely as fuck when that same world is crumbling outside the borders of the web browser. It allowed us to touch upon some not so dumb shit as well, like the Singularity, but you wouldn’t click on headline about that. Would you? Anyway…

Williams admitted that he didn’t feel totally comfortable giving “the bullshit” more light, but we couldn’t think of a better way to mark this Presidents Day than by providing a hard and honest look at the most polarizing presidential candidate in America’s history—Donald Trump.

“Rappers have been praising Trump for over a decade and ignoring real heroes,” Williams answers when asked about the Donald. “Americans have been excited about those who make money, without thinking about the exploitation that may be involved with that money, for ages. It’s just a reflection of our values. We get the leaders we deserve. I’m dead serious. We’ve been pumping up motherfuckers who have warped values in terms of capitalism and exploitation…you hear it reflected in so much shit. Why are we so fascinated with the rich anyway? Isn’t that the only reason we’re watching Kardashian shit? Richness and fat asses?”

Williams explains that this fascination has an effect that we did not want to foresee but are now reaping. Our chicken heads have come home to roost.

“The effect of the bullshit we ingest reflects the bullshit that we’re given the possibility to elect.”

Watch the full video below:

Saul Williams On Donald TrumpActor and poet Saul Williams speaks hard truth about Donald J. Trump. #PresidentsDay

Posted by WatchLoud on Monday, February 15, 2016

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