Major Key: How These 5 Celebrity Gents Won Valentine’s Day On The ‘Gram

TI baking pies valentine's day
Words by Tai Saint-Louis

These days simply declaring your love via social media might be all that your Valentine needs, word to Russell Wilson and Cory Hardrict. But if we’re gonna keep it 100 fellas, your lady still wants something she can show off to her friends. So if your Valentine’s Day came up a little short, we’ve got a few pointers on how to do better next year, courtesy of some of your favorite celebs:


1.Show how much your relationship has grown by doing it big for the Gram.

Ray J went all out for his boo thang Princess Love, including an impromptu IG photo shoot.

IG: @mzprincesslove

RayJ and Princess Love2

We’re not sure if they had dinner at the house or shared a bottle of Arbor Mist in a private IHOP booth. But there was wine. And balloons. And cake. And he loves her, darn it. Most of us didn’t even realize Ray J wasn’t spending Valentine’s Day shooting darts at pics of Kim and Yeezy!

2.When the love is real, she won’t care if you have to use her coins to do it big.

Had you any doubt: Rob Kardashian is the real MVP. Get revenge on the weirdo who bagged your little sister by getting with his ex, all while simultaneously pissing off your control freak of a big sis? Check! Use said girl’s debit card to make her feel like a queen on Valentine’s Day? Check!

IG: @BlacChyna 

Rob and Chyna

We don’t know what Rob’s endorsements and relationships are like now that he’s relinquished his position as Kris Jenner’s only son to Kanye… but we do know that being a recluse and turning down E! reality show checks can’t possibly sponsor multiple dozen long-stem roses and masterpiece-sized custom pop art? We were really floored when we thought the painting involved some kind of Swarovsky bling. But it turns out the shimmer you see is simply the lyrics to Rob and Chyna’s favorite song in silver puff paint.

3. If you’re going to take her on a trip, think beyond a one-day getaway.

Take a page from one of New York’s favorite up-and-coming designers Kwaze, owner of Belchez NYC and Black Ink Crew wardrobe stylist: if you’re taking her on a Valentine’s Day trip make the destination something none of her exes could have done, which then sets the bar so high that she’s unlikely to find someone else to outdo you…

IG @Belcheznyc 


Otherwise, you’re gonna have to have a ring waiting when you reach your destination.

4. Even when money isn’t an object, it’s okay to keep it simple.

 If Dej Loaf can be happy with Lil Durk’s mid-level Edible Arrangements bouquet…


Dej and Durk

and John Legend didn’t even have to make Chrissy Teigen’s breakfast in bed look pretty…

IG @Chrissy Teigen 

Chrissy Teigen

trust when we tell you that your lady just wants proof that you put some kind of thought into it. And if you don’t put TOO much thought into it, you can always do like Nelly and convince her that she didn’t want more than your most basic of efforts.

5. If all else fails, just be EVERYBODY’S Valentine!

Are there just too many ladies out there for you to choose one from? Then just show all the girls your love. But even here, you have options. You can either look like a wanna be womanizer masking his single-ness with player-dom:

IG: @FrenchMontana

French Montana

Or you can do the kind of grand gesture that will make it guaranteed you get the goods from whomever you choose to try to get the goods from: T.I. baked pies from scratch for 100 lucky fans, and even got his sons in on the action.

IG: @Troubleman31


Who’s saying no to that?


PS – Ladies, contrary to popular belief, the fellas love a good Valentine too!


Rev Run wasted no time taking to the Gram to share what his wife Justine had waiting for him when he got home on Sunday night.

Rev and Justine

Hope this helps out next year. After all, you have 365 days left to plan!


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