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Kanye West Calls Taylor Swift “Fake A$$” During Backstage Rant [AUDIO]


Kanye West was definitely feeling like Pablo Escobar while backstage at SNL this past weekend. The enigmatic star was recorded having a signature meltdown before his performance, complaining that his set had been damaged. According to NY Post’s “Page Six” SNL staffers removed shiny flooring that was interfering with the lighting on stage and Ye was not pleased.

But that wasn’t even the craziest part. In the 66 second clip Yeezus is heard calling himself “50 percent more influential” than filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, Paul the Apostle and Pablo Picasso.

He also took a shot his frienemy Taylor Swift, who had publicly denounced his lyric  on “Fame,” where he states that they should have sex because he “made her famous.” In response Kanye called her a “fake ass,” presumably because he thought she’d already RSVP’d to his Go-Pro penis party.

The release of this audio is capping a less than stellar week for camp Yeezy. The roll-out for TLOP was fraught with confusion. Initially the album was briefly available for sale on his site and Tidal, then was restricted to streaming. However, it didn’t stop over 500,000 people from illegally downloading the album via Torrents.  Now companies acting on behalf of Kanye have been taking Youtube channels of bloggers offline for hosting old footage of his performances.

But it already appears that Kanye is back on his Lexapro, releasing a string of positive Tweets over the last 8 hours. “My number one enemy has been my ego,” he writes. “There is only one throne and that’s God’s…A wise man should be humble enough to admit when he’s wrong and change his mind based on new information.”

Let’s hope that no new information, like a relative signing with Nike, sets him off again.

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