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Dice Raw Has An Issue With Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy Performance

Dice Raw Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar’s powerful Grammy performance has been the talk of the the rap world since it happened on Monday, but Philadelphia rapper Dice Raw feels some type of way about it.

In 2013, The Roots member conceived a hip-hop musical called The Last Jimmy that dealt with the same themes as Lamar’s performance (incarceration of black men, police brutality, racial identity) in a nearly identical way; Dice – real name Karl Jenkins – reportedly couldn’t believe his eyes. “I though Kendrick’s performance was good — I was watching/not watching — until I got a phone call asking me what I thought,” Raw told Philly.com. “Oh yeah, the prison thing. That’s a point. Then the gold cages onstage, yeah that’s another coincidence. Are those musicians in cages? OK. African dance in the middle of that montage — another coincidence, too.”

Although they acknowledged that there are differences between the two (Dice’s show has prisoners in orange jumpsuits, while Kendrick’s has blue jumpsuits), Dice’s publicist Seandra Sims said that their legal team has reached out to Kendrick’s “just to let them know that we knew. This is a legal situation and legal people need to be in charge of it.”

Either way, Dice Raw isn’t taking it too personally:

These two performances do look crazy similar, but what do you think?

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