JUNGLEPUSSY Shows Both Sides Of Black Love In “Spicy 103 FM” Video

Brooklyn MC/public speaker Shayna “Junglepussy” McHayle is one of New York’s sharpest and funniest, having received co-signs from Erykah Badu, Lil’ Kim, and . It’s a shame that her debut album Pregnant With Success was slept on by so many last year. If the new video for the intro track “Spicy103 FM” is any indication, we’ll be hearing her name a lot throughout 2016.

The track is a satirical three-way conversation between a radio hostess and a couple arguing about the politics of their relationship, all three of whom are played by Junglepussy. The video, much like the song, straddles the line between tongue-in-cheek and serious throughout, with a group of young women listening in on the whole conversation and a stranger on the street continuing the look for love after it ends on the airwaves.

Check out the video above and get in on the ground floor with Pregnant With Success if you haven’t already.

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