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NEW MUSIC: Ace Cosgrove, “Lord Have Mercy”


22-year-old Maryland MC Ace Cosgrove offers up the first track following his 2015 collaboration with producer Robbie Anthem, Baby Needs Food. The Garren-produced “Lord Have Mercy” is the first song from his upcoming project, Ms. Claire’s Basement.

Don’t be fooled by the cherubic face on the artwork (designed by Kennon Blum).
This semi-autobiographical snapshot offers a peek into the life of an imperfect man navigating the highs and lows of real life.
For the best or the worst, hallelujah/haven’t been to church in a minute/ I’m a loser with a winning attitude/showing gratitude to a saint/I will take the thrown if you don’t..”

Listen to “Lord Have Mercy” above.

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