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White People Ruining Beyoncé’s “Formation” Must Be Stopped

Johnny Hetherington Formation Cover

Beyoncé can’t win. Either she has white people up in arms over the overtly Black images and anti-police brutality messages in her “Formation” video or she’s got white people so enamored with it that they want to make watered down acoustic versions of the single, robbing it of its sophisticated crunk.

Now we’re not going to argue that white folks should not sing Beyoncé’s “Formation” at all. If they want to re-connect with the cradle of civilization and sing about “negro noses” and “baby hair,” we are not going to infringe on their dreams of karaoke domination. It’s a free country. However, if you’re going to do it, be respectful of Queen Bey and do the damn thing justice. Pro tip: If you are picking up a guitar to do a cover of Beyoncé’s “Formation” and your name is not Prince, just don’t.

Here are the 5 worst Beyoncé “Formation” covers currently plaguing the internet.

1. Jonny Hetherington from rock band Art of Dying is responsible for this first one, butI blame the Wayans family for this bullshit. It was many moons ago that they made fun of white people doing piano covers of rap songs like Mystikal’s “Shake It Fast” in “Scary Movie 2.” Now ninjas think it’s a game and are doing it with no irony whatsoever.
2. This looks like the guy from the “leave Britney Spears alone” video upgraded to a D-SLR and has defected to the Beyhive. But this is the US Polo Association of Beyoncé covers.

3. This Eric from “True Blood” lookin’ mo’fo is not singing but we have to ask why the fuck he has a gun to perform this choreography?  Is it to kill himself before he fully turns?
4. We’re not sure he’s even white but this is an abomination of Obama’s nation. If he’s just “throwing out ideas” he needs to throw this one  in the trash.


5. Yes, Black folks are responsible for the roots of Country music, but running Beyoncé songs through a Garth Brooks filter should be punishable by death.

For the love of all things Blue Ivy just…stop.
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