Barcode: Tyler, The Creator Snaps On “What The Fuck Right Now”

Tyler The Creator A$AP Rocky

[photo by Brook Bobbins]

UPDATE: Tyler performed “What The Fuck Right Now” for the first time live last night in San Diego last night. Check the video below:

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Tyler, The Creator is alright with throwing pastel-colored curve balls at his fans. Reactions to his latest studio project Cherry Bomb have proven it to be his most divisive album yet, but for every flight of musical fancy (“Wings”, “Fucking Young/Perfect”), the Golf head honcho still dropped some bars for people to chew on. I still lose my mind every time I hear Tyler go at it with Kanye and Wayne on “Smuckers.” I’ll always stand by the notion that Earl, Domo, and Tyler are the three best pure rappers to come out of the Odd Future camp.  

Tyler has been getting his entrepenuer on with his Golf Media app, clothing line, and making new connections (A$AP Rocky) while mending some old ones (Vince Staples), but yesterday (March 3), he dropped a video proving that there’s always been bars bubbling beneath the surface of button-down shirts and green caps.

“I hope you stackin’/I hope you puttin’ some money to the side my nigga and payin’ your taxes,” he growls on “What The Fuck Right Now,” a remix of Kanye West’s “Freestyle 4” from the equally divisive The Life Of Pablo. Tyler takes to the demented Yeezy beat like a long-lost friend unloading a list of grievances (“Low self-esteem, hide it in lean/xan every meal, you fuckin’ weak/Robbin’ your plug? You ain’t got no plan”) while coming to terms with his own (“I ain’t do college, I said fuck them lessons/I ain’t join no gang, I said fuck them weapons/Grabbed a keyboard, Clancy crossed my path/Cashed my first check and said fuck depression”).

Tyler’s come a long way from sleeping on his grandmother’s floor, and now he’s shouting it from the rooftops with friends old (Taco, Jasper, Domo Genesis) and new (A$APs Rocky and Lou). He hasn’t completely abandoned his juvenile horrorcore roots (“Pants got a flood, lil bit Katrina?,” “She eatin’ coochie, kinda dyke now”), but outside of soul arrangements across albums, coming to terms with his grandmother’s death back on Wolf, and the equally wild The Brown Stains of Darkeese Latifah Part 6–12 (Remix)” from Cherry Bomb, this is just the latest example of Tyler indulging his maturity while squeezing some noses. For managing to keep both feet in both sides of his career and generally rapping his ass off, Tyler’s “What The Fuck Right Now” is out Verse Of The Week. Check out the lyrics below:


i hope you stacking;

i hope you putting some money to the side

my nigga and paying yoor taxes;

i hope you not incriminating you and your niggas on songs if youre trapping;

i hope you dressing yourself and not following niggas opinions on fashion;

i hope them cars that you driving aint rented just to get some comments on instagram;

oh shit they are, cause youre not the man

low self esteem, hide it in lean

zan every meal

you fucking weak

robbing your plug?

you aint got no plan

but im not here to judge

cause apparently you doing your thing


i know they see me

pants got a flood lil bit katrina?

oh you wearing vans and supreme this season?

stop lying to yourself nigga me the reason


right now?

a lil grovey with some nice sounds

this lil groupie want the pipe now

she eating coochie kinda dyke now

i got a new dirtbike wow

and it match the go kart go skert now

i really want a la ferarri

can you lower the price down?


im not one

when it come to a vision they aint got one

rolling a never gave me a cover

so i shot one

i aint do college i said fuck them lessons

i aint join no gang i said fuck them weapons

grabbed keyboard

clancy crossed my path

cashed my first check and said fuck depression


nigga what you stand for?

everybody lean everybody gang tho

nigga you a new slave im an old one

thanks to ben yang still walking around with chains on

you aint seen no shit like mine

you aint seen no dick like mine


dick head ima go nuts

niggas told me to grow up

so i matured to a v10

im in a vancant lot doing donuts


there go my ego lego my eggo never sip syrup shout my nigga scooty

you dont want beef lettuce know

he can eat that bread cause he pushing that mayo, fuego

respect when see him, boy last album was a musical museum,

something always lost with you niggas like liam neison

boy you better run here i come


snorting glitter portrait pictures

i dont run with many cause they walk is bitter

niggas mad at T

where the tall freckled white boys at?

cause i dont fuck with niggas


they not my homies, they not my woodies

they not my team, they are bench warmers,

i am a stormer, i am a trouper

i am a couper

but it lost its vaule as soon as i moved it

i run a business, i do not have time for niggas opinions

they fucking stupid, dont need, dont want em, i drop em they dead weight them niggas is useless


neck: heavy like some muthafucking bad news

thanks to ben baller walking with a hunchback

got a new white one, that i worked hard for

so the doors on my car doing jump jacks

my big bro frank porche

lil bro taco gotta beemer

if you see em around me

they eatin we all good its like fema

but of course

i sit in room with a to do list

proceed to do play acoustics

you, sit around and look at me feeling foolish rolling up and make excuses


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