8 Great Moments From Fat Joe & Remy’s Breakfast Club Interview

Fat Joe and Remy Ma  were on the  The Breakfast Club to promote their new single “All The Way Up” and their joint album Platas o Plomo (Money or Bullets). Fat Joe was in rare form showing off a great comedic timing on some Jackie Gleason meets Tracy Morgan shit for real. Remy was late but glided into the studio draped in a Fuck Peta fur. Seeing the two together after being apart for so many years as dope. Papoose was even on hand to clear some things up about him not wanting Remy to record in Miami. It was an entertaining hour and 20 minutes but here are some of the highlights.

8. Why Fat Joe stopped signing artists…

She’s my little sister so Remy lived with me for 3 years, sleeping on the tour bus…going everywhere with us. I’m grooming her. Not lettin’ n*ggas talk to her.  So when [she split] that was the straw that broke the camel’s back [I was hurt]. I coulda signed Rick Ross and Pitbull. Really. But I was so turned off by what happened  that I said I’m never messing with artists again in my life.

I messed up bad [on Eminem]. Eminem, he’s always been a beautiful person with me and one time we was having dinner and he said “You know I gave you my demo 6 different times.” And he knew everywhere. Jack The rapper, How Can I Be down…I wanted to shoot myself on the spot. He was so skinny I watched him performing one time and they were holding him by his shirt so he wouldn’t fall off the stage. Really Slim Shady. [not signing him] Major mistake.  It is what it is.

I remember me and Big Pun —and I know my brother Pun had a big ego—but the truth is we was waiting on line on Sunset Blvd to go buy the Eminem album at 11:59 to buy it as fans.

Pitbull told me that I learned off of all your mistakes. You coulda signed me and Ross but you didn’t.

7. Fat Joe reconciling With Remy…

What happened is—I fake hated her—I love Remy. That’s my sister. I really love her. So I was fake mad at her. It’s like arguing with your family member. So she reached out to me. I’ll never forget…I was in Miami a couple blocks from my house when she gave me the call. She said “Yo” and I knew the voice immediately. And she was like “I think that we should be family again.” It felt great. I didn’t think that was ever gonna happen. I prayed for her the whole time still.   

We shoulda never got where we were. It took me to be away from everyhing I love to think about the people that I felt were important to my life. When it was time for me to start coming home, I didn’t want to come home and us not be cool. I made a lot of bad decisions and beefing with Joe was definitely one of them. It was deeper than music. I wanted my brother back. -Remy

6. Fat Joe reconciling with Papoose

Papoose is the greatest husband on the earth…I learned to love him because of the love he has for her. He’s her husband, bro. Since day one she came out of jail she came to see me she came with him. He said wassup and everything was cool. We super cool. I would think that I’m super cool with Pap.

I think they both realize how much the other loves me. He was my biggest hater on tour. He was blocking all day. He met him and said Pap was the perfect guy for me. And it’s my fault too. It’s like when you want to beat up your little sister but you can’t so you wanna fight her boyfriend. If I was there I don’t think it would have ever happened. – Remy

5. Fat Joe going to jail for taxes

Every artist—every American —it’s your responsibility to stay on top of your own taxes. I had an accountant that I was sending wires to pay my bills and taxes and he wasn’t doing it. I went to buy a car and dude told me I haven’t been paying my mortgages, your cars. So I call the accountant and he says “Please don’t kill my family.” I was more embarrassed than anything. I advise no one to get in trouble with the IRS. It’s a never ending battle. Even after you pay it off they say “here are your penalties.”

4. Fat Joe getting over his fear of flying

Khaled had caught some beef over me and he was in Puerto Rico and he was—keeping it a buck— blowing up my phone like they were really gonna do something. I’m driving back to NY from Miami, I used to do that like it was going from Harlem to the BX, 5 times a week. It was a joke. And I felt like a sucker…because I was scared of flying so much. So I called my man with the private plane in NJ, jumped on that with like 10 n*ggas  and we went to PR on the flight and the whole seminar was bugging out cuz they heard rumors I don’t fly.

3. Influence of Big Pun

Well Pun taught me how to rap. I started before him and I put him in the game. But it wasn’t until I went to the Big Pun school of the arts that I learned to make hit records. Before that I was the Puerto Rican M.O.P.  He literally would sit me down and say you gotta talk about girls right now, etc.  He cared that much that he wanted the crew to be the best.

2. Fat joe getting sued pepeatedly

I got sued because Remy washed a chick at a record label. I had to pay $80,000…They sued me 10 times in one year. I realized these guys know that I’m rich and I’m getting baited. “This guy is guaranteed to swing on us” so I had to calm it down. Tony Sunshine was crazier than anybody. They threw us out of Battery Studios. He threw the gun at the engineers head. He had a song singing about “My 44.” I had to deal with these wild guys.

1. The time Joe Messed up…again.

Me and Joe got into a big argument. Joe wanted to replace Ne-Yo with Mario on the “Feel So Good” song…I found this out at the listening session. My argument was that this is the guy who was writing Mario’s songs. Ne-Yo was unsigned but had a deal by the time it was time for the video to come out. And he had the Ghostface record coming out, “Back Like That,” so Def Jam didn’t want him to do my video.

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