L’Orange, Jeremiah Jae, & Homeboy Sandman Get The Collage Treatment In The “Ignore The Man To Your Right” Video

L'Orange Jeremiah Jae The Night Took Us In Like Family

When thinking about North Carolina producer L’Orange’s production, the word “cinematic” always comes to mind; and not just because he samples film dialogue. His songs are atmospheric and classy while having a crazy amount of kick to them, and his collab with MC Jeremiah Jae from last year The Night Took Us In Like Family was no exception.

Today, Mello Music Group dropped a video collage for single “Ignore The Man To Your Right,” featuring Queens lyricist Homeboy Sandman. None of the artists themselves are present in the video, but their words work in tandem with layered visuals from director MERO.

We named L’Orange’s other project, Time? Astonishing! with Kool Keith, our favorite one-off group album of 2015. Check out the list here.

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