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Yuna Has “Places To Go” In Her New Video [Prod. DJ Premier]


UPDATE 2: Peep the video for Yuna/DJ Premier’s “Place To Go” below

UPDATE: While doing press for Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna‘s new album (which features a beat he produced), DJ Premier talked about working closely with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on “Buckshot.” “Macklemore’s manager reached out to my manager (Ian) and told him that they wanted me to hook up a scratch sequence to tie in the lyrics that Ben wrote,” Preemo said. “Ryan did the track and we got on the phone to discuss the theme about their younger days running the streets and tagging graffiti.  I draw as well so it made total sense! After I sent my parts back, they asked if I knew how to get in touch with Kris (KRS-One). I reached out to Kris’s wife and since he is a dope graffiti artist as well, he was the perfect choice and he laced the verse overnight. The whole combination made it a complete jam for the history books.”

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis continue their unspoken mission to function as Trojan horses to hip-hop’s yesteryear. Following the Big Daddy Kane orchestrated “Downtown,” which featured an unlikely grouping of Eric Nally, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee and Grandmaster Caz, the Grammy winning duo recruit DJ Premier and KRS One for the graffiti ode “Buckshot.”

Opening warning sirens, shaking Krylon cans and a walking bass line Macklemore tells the tale of how his Subway serving lead to subway surfing with spray cans as a teen.

You don’t want to get involved/ you know I be on these overpasses burning bridges dawg/ you know I be dipping through these allies trying to ditch the law/ 16 with Adidas on..

While the paint dries on Mack’s verse DJ Premier cuts in phrases from Rakim and Busta Rhymes on the hook before the OG KRS-One comes in to bring the analog era perspective on the culture of street hieroglyphics.

See my boys are really B.C. if you talking’ graffiti/ see we call it aerosol art when we splatter the city.

Sonically this sounds more like Ryan Lewis attempting to approximate Premier’s grit, rather than the stuttering gut punches we’ve come to expect from Preemo, but the dark piano and horn stabs are the perfect boom tube transporting us back to the ’90s.

“Buckshot” is the latest single from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis‘ upcoming album This Unruly Mess I’ve Made, out February 26.

If you want more KRS, he recently released an entire project called King Of The Ole Skool . Purchase it HERE.

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