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The “Pray for Katt Williams” Playlist

The first time I spoke with Katt Williams was almost ten years ago. King Magazine asked me to interview the then rising star for an advice column they had called “You Must Learn” back in 2006. The angle— how to date a woman with kids— seemed a little unorthodox for a comedian who had come to fame as a pimp named Money Mike,  but at the very least I knew it would get a few chuckles. However, much to my pleasant surprise Katt was informative and realistic with his advice because he revealed he was the father of seven adopted children and one biological. So dealing with kids was as the headline stated, child’s play.


Fast-forward a decade and Katt Williams is having the worst year ever. After an unprecendented crime spree back in 2012, which included slapping a Target employee, Katt has upped the anti in 2016 with an alleged battery in L.A. and in Atlanta alleged assault on a Pool Store employee, and a police raid on his home in Georgia.  This doesn’t include the rants against fellow comedians (followed by apologies) and the infamous Beanie Sigel show fight.  It’s time to pray for Katt. Again.  But we get that some of you aren’t that religious, so here are 10 songs that we’ll be listening to while we hope things get better for the comedy vet.

Pharaohe Monch, “Losing My Mind”

My family customs were not accustomed to dealing with mental health
It was more or less an issue for white families with wealth…


State Property, “Got Nowhere”

“Eh yo I’m caught up in the system where the blind lead the blind and this artist only speaks on the signs of the time And I pop pills in purple rain to state my pain They say I’m just like my father, bold and too cold…”

DMX, “Slippin”

If I’m strong enough I’ll live long enough to see my kids
Doing something more constructive with they time than bids

Torae f/ Mack Wilds “Trouble Times”

“…somehow we all in divide and conquer/ disturbed the foundation, destroyed the roster created a monster for the fame and money, power, respect, and nothing was the same…


Phonte F/ Elzhi “Not Here Anymore”

Holla at me if you ever been a underdog or set up a upset
Standing on the verge of your success
Steady bearing your soul to the world, you undressed
Surrounded by your successors and the whores you ain’t fucked yet…”


Kendrick Lamar, “Institutionalized”

I’m trapped inside the ghetto and I ain’t proud to admit it
Institutionalized, I keep runnin’ back for a visit…

Scarface, “The Hot Seat”

It’s court call in the halls
Strip a nigga down to his balls
Bare-butt, naked in my tennis shoes
The nighttime sergeant want an interview
They push us out like livestock
“Ain’t no talkin’ while I’m talkin’, this is my block”
I finally get to see me a judge
I’m a black man, so she got a grudge

Killer Mike, “Ghetto Gospel”

“I must be in the clutches of Satan it’s all warm
My mama took you to the “root lady” to read my palm
She puts beads on my neck saying they protecting me from harm
But fuck this old witch, I went and got a gun…”

Jean Grae, Take Me

See we taught to believe if you can touch it and see it, it must
be real so go believe it. But I’ve never seen Jesus
I’ve never seen God, so he’s only a thesis


Jay Z, “The Allure”

“And I’m just a moth addicted to the floss
The doors lift from the floor and the tops come off
By any means necessary, whatever the cost
Even if it means lives is lost…”

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