Mac Miller Comes For Donald Trump’s Neck On The Nightly Show

Mac Miller Larry Wilmore

Mac Miller may have a song called “Donald Trump,” but it’s anything but an endorsement of the Republican presidential candidate. Last night, Miller was a returning guest on The Nightly Show where he laid his contempt for Turmp out as clearly as possible:

“You say that you wanna make America great again, but we all know what that really means,” Mac said. “Ban Muslims, Mexicans are rapists, Black lives don’t matter. Make America great again? I think you wanna make America white again.” He calls Trump a “psychopath” for allowing his supporters to beat up Black teenagers at a rally before dropping the mic to a roaring crowd.

Saul Williams said that rapper have been endorsing Trump for decades, but it’s safe to say that the hip-hop community at large isn’t out at Trump rallies (unless you count Bun B’s trip along the campaign trail for Vice). Trump actually threatened to sue Miller in 2011 for using his name in the song, but Mac’s shot hurts more than that money loss ever could. Props to Mac and writer Robin Thede for that truth bomb!

Check it out above.

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