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Christopher “Kid” Reid Has A Weed Business Called “Kid-N-Blaze”

In an interview with music industry vet Steve Lobel Christopher “Kid” Reid of Kid-N-Play spoke about one of his new business ventures. Selling Weed.

“I did some research and hooked up with these growers out of Fresno called Loud Seeds and a dispensary out in Bakersfield,” says Reid. He revealed on a recent episode of TV One’s “Unsung” that Bill Maher got him puffing the wacky tobacco. So now he joins a growing list of rappers who are getting into the legal weed business. “Loud Seeds, they already won Cannabis Cups so they were looking to combine with a person of note, a celebrity if you will, to give it some sizzle.”

Kid says he spent last year experimenting and testing the strains in various dispensaries. The first strain is called Kid-N-Cookies and he says “It will knock your dick in the dirt!”

Kid is gearing up to supply edibles, merch and more via his website KidNBlaze.com. Watch the full video above.

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