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D-Nice’s Interview With The Late Heavy D Will Give You Chills

DJ D-Nice’s “True Hip-Hop Stories” was one of my favorite video series on the web. The Boogie Down Productions MC, producer, photographer and DJ would get his peers to open up in a way I hadn’t experienced before. Salt-N-Pepa, Special Ed, Big Daddy Kane and more would tell these fascinating lost stories of hip-hop’s yesteryear leaving me waiting for the next installment.

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But as with all good things D-Nice stopped producing them. The multi-talent became too busy despite having some gems in the stash. In an interview several years ago he told me that he had one with late great Heavy D that he hadn’t released and he revealed in an Instagram post several weeks ago that the series would return with the Heavy D interview.

In the almost 10-minute video Heavy D talks about making “The Overweight Lover” with Marley Marl and how Eric B and Rakim used the same James Brown loop, but in a different way, for their hit “I Ain’t No Joke.”

“When I made my first record my my biggest dream was just to hear the record on Mr. Magic and Marley Marl. Sit in the park and maybe drink a 40 with your boombox and your crew and say ‘we did it. We made it.’ I didn’t know two months later I’d be do doing shows in Baltimore at the YMCA.”

He goes on to talk about Reggie Hudlin producing their first video “Mr. Big Stuff” and evolving from merely being a “plus-sized” rapper.

Heavy D gave us nine albums worth of wit and wisdom with “The Boyz” and as a solo artist before leaving us all too so0n in November of 2011.

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