This 12-Year-Old Boy’s Cover Of Eminem’s “Not Afraid” Is So Soulful

YouTube song covers are a dime for three dozen these days, and sometimes separating the great from the crappy can be a hassle. 12-year-old Sparsh Shah is looking to make an impact with his beautiful cover of Eminem’s “Not Afraid” from his album Recovery.

Shah (who raps under the pseudonym PURHYTHM) may have been diagnosed with Brittle Bone Disease (osteogenesis imperfecta) at an early age, but that didn’t hinder his ability to put what he calls a “classical touch” on Em’s song back in January. Shah was so massively inspired by the song when he first heard it, that it kickstarted his passion to touch people with his music, as he details in the description of the video:

“Hello everyone! This is Sparsh, and this my debut clean cover of Eminem’s song, “Not Afraid” (with my classical touch) from his album “Recovery” as my rapper avatar, “PURHYTHM”. I feel like “Not Afraid” has been my power song ever since I heard it for the first time and Eminem became my idol in the rap genre. He has inspired me so much with his powerful songs and lyrics (minus curses), and I aspire that one day, I could get to meet him and sing (or rap!) with him. It’s always been my dream to inspire BILLIONS of people one day with my musical talent, and I wish that dream comes true. Please like, share, and subscribe if you liked my cover! :-)”

Check the cover above.

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