Statik Selektah: “Me And Sean Price Had A Different Bond”

It’s a well-known fact that Sean Price worked the studio like few others. His work ethic, passion for the craft, and no-bullshit attitude won him respect from hip-hop’s underground over a decades-long career. Before his untimely death in his sleep last August, the legendary Brooklyn MC had a handful of albums and countless songs in the stash (many of which found their way onto the Songs In The Key Of Price mixtape that dropped at the end of 2015).

Boston producer/DJ Statik Selektah remembers some gems that he and Price were sitting on. “We were literally just about to drop an album, man,” he told WatchLOUD in our interview. “I have at least 10 songs in the stash.” As great a pair as Statik and Sean were, their friendship went much deeper than hip-hop. Statik’s daughter Harley was born just six days before Sean passed away, and Sean would drop gems about fatherhood (he’s survived by three children, including daughter). “It’s just bugged, man. I wake up one morning and I’ve got a hundred missed calls and you know something happened,” he remembers. “Noreaga: missed call, Bun B: missed call, dudes from Duck Down: 25 missed calls…Sean was a tough one for me.”

Check the video above.

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