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Angie Martinez Is Releasing Her Autobiography My Voice

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez is a lot of things to the world of hip-hop: radio hostess, MC, historian, student, teacher, etc. She’s been going at it since the late 90s, when Tupac and Biggie met their untimely ends and Jay-Z was on the verge of superstardom, and now she’s ready to recount it all in her autobiography My Voice. 

People Magazine broke the news that Martinez would be releasing a tell-all of the era from her perspective, which will feature an in-depth look at a previously unheard Tupac interview from 1996, months before his death. “He was charming and amazing, but he was also angry at certain people. And aggressive,” Martinez told People. “I just felt that the time was so sensitive that some of the things he said would have made the situation worse.”

The East Coast/West Coast beef of the 90s had reached its boiling point by this time, and artists from the era have expressed their displeasure at the media fanning the flames in the past, so Martinez made a judgement call. “I only aired 12 minutes of a two-hour interview,” she continued. “I still have it to this day.”

Naturally, Martinez has a lot of ground to cover in her personal life too, and we’ll see where that goes when My Voice drops on May 17.

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