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Eric B Addresses Rakim “Summertime” Rumor On The Combat Jack Show


In the latest episode of the Combat Jack Show legendary DJ and producer Eric B jumps in the wayback machine to discuss he and his partner Rakim’s early history and milestones in the business. As the first rap group to receive a million dollar contract Eric B and Rakim recorded classics like Paid In Full, Follow The Leader and Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em.

Over the years there has been speculation about the classic song “Summertime, by Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, which many insisted was ghostwritten by Rakim because of the Fresh Prince’s flow. While Jazzy Jeff has refuted this claim in many interviews, Eric B has offered another side to the story.

CJ: Y’all had a young Large Professor working on that album…

Eric B:  Large Professor was around in the studio. It was a bunch of guys that came around and actually the guys that caused division between me and Rakim. Guys that really caused division  and couldn’t stay in they lane.  I remember  I was gonna knock Large Professor’s head off one day in the Apollo…

CJ: What happened?

Eric B: Because they didn’t stay in they lane. They were telling Rakim little sneaky shit like “Ra you need to put more drums…”  I remember I did a record in the studio and they went back behind my back and told Rakim “Yo, Yo Ra, that record, man, is soft, you shouldn’t do it.” The record turned out to be Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s “Summertime.”

CJ: That was your record?

Eric B: Yeah, and an engineer went up there and played it for them. That’s the record I did and they start telling him ‘You shouldn’t do it.”

CJ: Is that why Fresh Prince sounds like Rakim on it?

Eric B: Yes, exactly.

CJ: Because he knew that…

Eric B: Exactly…

So it appears that The Fresh Prince did indeed write his own rhymes but according to Eric B, he did have a point of reference. This is just one of many, many revelations in this classic interview. Everything from being friends with the original 50 Cent, Alpo, running into the mobster John Gotty and James Brown hating his guts. So get comfortable and turn this one up.

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