riP!: Harry Fraud & Smoke DZA On Meeting Sean Price

Sean Price was a dolo rapper through and through. He dodged the mainstream machine and stuck to his convictions with Duck Down Records, Boot Camp Clik, and his family and friends in Brownsville, Brooklyn, which earned him even more respect as an independent artist. That being said, if you were on his good side, it was nothing but love. Rappers the likes of Mac Miller, Vic Spencer, Sketch McGuiney, and more have the distinction of being the “couple of new n*ggas” that Sean called friend, and Smoke DZA and Harry Fraud can count themselves on that list, too.

“When I met him, it was exactly what I thought it would be,” DZA told WatchLoud in an exclusive interview. “It was bizarre, it was jokes, it was a lot of love because he really respected my fresh.” The Harlem MC recalled Price dropping a verse on “Fuck Ya Mother” off he and Fraud’s last project Rugby Thompson, which eventually led to DZA and Price performing the song live at a Surf School show, except Price couldn’t remember the words. “He kept telling me ‘N*gga, I don’t know the words to this shit, you’ve gotta hold me down’,” DZA said through barely contained chuckles.

Fraud’s first experience with Price was possibly even more candid, bumping into him outside of SOB’s after the release party for Monkey Barz and passing he and his boy Eddie B’s project to listen to. The next morning, Eddie shakes Harry awake to listen to the voicemail of a lifetime. “He puts the phone to my ear, and it’s Sean Price, and we’d put the phone number inside the CD, right?.” Fraud remembers. “He said ‘Yo, I wanted to let you know that the project is fire. Give me a call today.'” Naturally, they called Price back immediately, and he then invited them out to his crib and played what would become Jesus Price over blunts for the whole day. “It was like a surreal fucking experience…We formed that bond to where when he saw me comin’ up, he’d always pull me to the side and say ‘Yo, man. You’re killin’ it.'”

Check out the whole video interview above.

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