5 Wildest Moments From The Rock & Kevin Hart’s “Central Intelligence” Trailer

In the new action comedy Central Intelligence The Rock and Kevin Hart are reunited high school buddies, Robby and Calvin, who are out to find bad people who have stolen what sounds like the Knock List from Mission Impossible. Calvin is a top-notch accountant and Robby–200 lbs lighter– now works for the CIA. He is “Jason Bourne in jorts!” Somehow Calvin’s accounting skills are going to help Robby catch some spies. We’re not going to overthink it because the combination of muscles and mayhem usually makes for fun summer flicks.

While we know Kevin won’t be braiding the The Rock’s hair, there are still some wild moments in the trailer.

1. A young Robby lip-syncing to En Vogue in the boy’s shower. Even in CGI The Rock as Jonah The Hutt is easily the most disturbing thing you will see all day. Aggh! Buh-kah. Teedee Jedi!


2. The Rock–sporting a banana yellow Public Enemy T-shirt–introduces Kevin to X-Games corporate style, busting through a plate glass window in a mail cart, plunging to the ground below. Of course Kevin is doing his trademark “they keep putting me in these scenarios because I’m short” scream the entire time.


Central Intelligence2


3. Presumably after falling out of a building Calvin changes his underwear and Robby hips him to his plan. In explaining why he needs him, Robby tells Calvin he is “like a Chocolate Google.” We guess that’s better than being a “Brown Bing”?

Central Intelligence 3


4. It doesn’t take long before Robby goes all Furious 7 and starts tossing hand grenades all willy nilly and Kevin is not here for it. central intelligence 4
5. Or so we thought. Maybe we missed the training montage or are just sleeping on an accountant’s ability to throat chop on cue. But Calvin gets with the program tout suite.

Central Intelligence 5

The combination of this much box office muscles into one film is pretty damn smart. But will audiences flip out…or will it fall on its face?

Central Intelligence 6

Find out on June 17th when Central Intelligence hits theaters.

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