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Drake’s Producer Noah “40” Shebib Shares The Secret To OVO Sound

Native Instruments, producers of hardware and software products for musicians, were recently granted an exclusive look inside of Noah “40′ Shebib’s studio, the man responsible for most of Drake’s hits. In the clip 40 details his work flow and the little thing he does to create their unique sound.

“I’m notorious for this very lo-fi, underwater sound,” he says in the clip. “People usually assume that it’s a low pass filter and that I’m just rolling off all the top end. But for the most part I’m actually degrading the sample rate. So I’m removing those frequencies from the top end. They’re not even getting sampled in the first place. They don’t even exist. When you take out that pristine high end and lower the sample rate it they become a little more authentic, different, like it was sampled or taken from somewhere.”

But why go through such lengths to break the rules? (And why so open now after being so tight-lipped in the past?)

“Instead of focusing on my music I was carving out an entire space in the frequencies so the artist occupies the top end completely, almost exclusively, and the music sits in the bottom end. In a way that nobody would do it. Anybody would say ‘Absolutely not, you cannot do that. It is against the rules. We will not release this song. It sounds horrible. Where is all the top end?’ It was just me and Drake wanting to do something unique.”

Watch the full clip above.

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