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Jay Pharoah Tells The Breakfast Club About Kanye’s SNL Meltdown

Back in February Kanye West, Kelly Price, Chance The Rapper, The Dream and Kirk Franklin premiered the fan favorite “Ultra Light Beam” from The Life Of Pablo on SNL, but it almost didn’t happen. Days after the performance, audio of Kanye West spazzing out backstage on SNL staffers was released, confirming rumors that he almost walked out of 30 Rock due to last minute set changes.

Today SNL cast member Jay Pharoah appeared on The Breakfast Club and gave his account of what set Yeezy off.

“So, dress rehearsal was way more turnt up than the actual live show,” he told hosts Charlemagne Tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy. “What’s the dude name [mumbles] The Dream misstepped and went to the wrong place and Kanye yanked him into the right [spot]. I got video footage on my phone but I’m not gonna put it out. I watch it just for my enjoyment.”

Two years ago Kanye West called Pharaoh out about a sketch at the MTV VMAs which made fun of Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian. While Pharaoh said that Kanye harbored no personal feelings towards him and that they did actually speak on stage, he confirmed that Ye was ready to bounce over things not being to his liking.

“He was mad. He was about to walk out and my boss [Lorne Michaels] was running behind him like ‘No, you have to perform.’ and [in Kanye voice] ‘Kanye said if it’s not right I’m not gonna do it.’

He added that Kanye insisted that audience members stand up for his performance but one elderly person, who was host Melissa McCarthy’s mom, couldn’t comply because she was using a cane.

Pharaoh, who couldn’t stop cursing, wasn’t able to unleash some more Kanye impersonations, but made up for it the following week with his impressions of other famous black comedians like Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy, Katt Williams and Kevin Hart. Watch it below.

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