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Noname Drops The “Gypsy” From Her Name


One of Chicago’s craziest lyrical talents Noname Gypsy had an epiphany about her name over the weekend. The MC/poet has officially decided to drop the “Gypsy” from her name after realizing that it’s just plain insensitive toward Romani people:

Born Fatimah Warner, she’s has built a name for herself as a dexterous MC over the years, collaborating with Chance The Rapper, Mick Jenkins, and many more; all without dropping a solo project of her own. Earlier this month, she tweeted that her debut mixtape “Telefone” would never see the light of day, but now we find that extremely hard to believe sine she’s talking about new music again.

Who knows what the future holds? We’re still hoping that Telefone drops sometime this year, but until then, check out our collection of all of her loose tracks here.

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