5 Aesop Rock Instrumentals That Pusha T Would Demolish

Aesop Rock Pusha T

Aesop Rock may have his album The Impossible Kid coming out soon, but that doesn’t mean that the rhyme faucet has been tapped just yet. Aes just dropped a hot 56-bar freestyle over the Timbaland beat for Pusha T’s “Untouchable” that’s as dense as anything else he’s dropped in the past.

One of the most interesting things about this remix is that Aes and Pusha’s production sensibilities aren’t that far removed from each other. Aes really does sound very at home over the skeletal Timbaland production, and both he and Push have an ear for gritty beats with a synthetic touch recently, to the point where Push might even sound at home over an Aesop Rock song. Can you imagine King Push on any of these five beats? Make sure to catch Aes on the road this summer with Rob Sonic, DJ Zone, Homeboy Sandman, and DJ Sosa!


“Crows 2” from Skelethon [prod. Aesop Rock]
“Get A Dog” from Lice [prod. Charles Hamilton]
“Garbage” from Float [prod. Aesop Rock]
“Easy”  from Bazooka Tooth [prod. Aesop Rock]
“4AM” from Beastiary [prod. Aesop Rock]
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