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Homeboy Sandman Announces Kindness For Weakness, Shares “Talking (Bleep)”

UPDATE: Homeboy Sandman’s Kindness For Weakness, his third studio album for Stones Throw Records and first since 2014’s Hallways, is out on May 6. The album is set to be one of the Boy Sand’s most poignant releases to date and is focused on “the MC’s discomfort in his comfort zone and addresses themes such as his personal insecurities, rapper stereotypes and morality,” according to a press release from Stones Throw. Check the album’s first single, the groovy and incensed “Talking (Bleep),” produced by Edan, below. 

Queens rapper Homeboy Sandman seems to be in a state of near-constant creativity; just look at his Twitter, where he kicks new bars just about every day. Today (March 8), Sandman just dropped a video for the loosie “Life Support” that shows just how much his art means to him.

The artful and melancholy Pace Rivers-directed video features Sandman literally merging with nature while coming to terms with the fact that “I’ve tour the planet, but I’m not as close with my sis.” It’s a contemplative song juxtaposed with colorful cinematography and jaunty production from Hugo LX.

Sandman’s next project Kindness for Weakness is dropping at some point this spring, though this song won’t be on it. Check the video out above.

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