5 Kinds Of People Waiting In Line At Kanye’s TLOP Pop-Up Shop

TheBoombox’s Dariany Santana went out to Kanye West’s TLOP Pop-Up store in Soho this past weekend to speak with a few of the people lined up to buy his highly coveted wears.  What kind of person stands in line for Yeezy’s special brand of careworn couture?


1. The actual fan: Yes, there were folks in line who really just wanted to get some clothes and didn’t care if Kanye showed up or not. “I’m actually here to see the fashion,” said one. “I came to purchase merchandise.  If he’s here he’s here. If he’s not he’s not.” Another added that Kanye’s presence would just make the whole thing a zoo and hoped he’d just watch from a window.


2. The bad Kanye impersonator: “No Sway! How Sway! You can’t give me any advice.” He clearly didn’t have the answers.


3. The Line-stepper: For every person that has been killing time for hours in line while Snapchat mocks their battery life, there are those who just talk/scam/flirt their way up to the front. “I finessed my way up here.”


4.  The Re-Seller: “No, I don’t care about seeing Kanye or the merchandise. I wanna sell it. I’m making money off it. This is purely for my gain.” These guys should be sentenced to listen to every iteration of “Wolves” that has not been released while Young Thug yawns in their face.


5. The future Fashion editor/designer: If she isn’t a plant from DONDA she will be running the place soon. Just look at her. And she pronounces “Balmain” and “Givenchy” better than Kanye.

Watch the video above.

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