BARCODE: Elzhi Is Out Of This World On “ALIENated”


Picking a dope verse out of an Elzhi album is like picking a member of En Vogue to ask out, you really can’t go wrong. So when I was listening to the Detroit lyricists long awaited release Lead Poison for this week’s “Barcode” I just waited to see which one reached out and grabbed me.

Maybe it was the stripped down beat leaving an abundance of space for his words, the general feeling that someone of his skill isn’t human, or his narrative of feeling physically and emotionally displaced that I connected with, but “Alienated” had me rewinding it several times.

Being discarded and misunderstood is something any Superman can relate to and the second verse in particular captures his artistic purgatory perfectly.

See in my past life I could’ve been a quasar off the radar
For now, I been sleeping inside of Jay car
Waking up while curious neighbors peep through their windows
It’s why I always pen flows in hopes I’ll land on my ten toes
I wipe the cold from my eyes then I peel
So I can steal the wifi where you apply fries with your meal
Download some tracks then I park somewhere on the block and dip
Hair hangs out my skully, jeans are faded and the pocket’s ripped
Out in the burbs so I get strange looks
While I think of concepts, write verses, arrange hooks
Down side streets where houses are enormous
I pray one day I’ll afford it
And that I’ll find inspiration to keep moving forward
Until I stumble into someone that truly makes me feel
Out of place, maybe I belong somewhere in outer space
Mingling with the stars, getting some sun
Catching some electromagnetic waves, that would be fun

Elzhi’s Lead Poison is available for purchase here and streaming on most platforms.

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