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Danny Brown’s Album Is Finished And Ready, According To Nick Catchdubs

Danny Brown

UPDATE: According to an interview with Fools Gold head Nick Catchdubs, Danny Brown’s follow up to 2013’s Old is finished, but being released at Danny’s whim. “Danny is in the captain’s chair with his music. He’s recorded his album,” Catchdubs said in an interview with Fact Magazine. “Like everything he’s done in life, Danny’s gone a different route. He’s gone in a direction that suits him. I think that when he feels like it’s time to unleash this shit, people are gonna be excited. That’s the best place you can be in…You need to be true to yourself and you need to say, this is my voice, this is the way I want to get my shit out there, you’re operating on your own timeline. I find that very, very respectable.”

During a phone interview with Triple J in Australia, Detroit spitter Danny Brown continued to drop hints that he has new music coming in 2016. When asked whether or not his next project would be out in time for the Groovin In The Moo festival in April, he said “it could be out tomorrow, it could be out next week.”

Danny Brown’s musical output has all but stopped since releasing Old back in 2013; not that we blame an artist who tours as constantly as he does for taking his time with new music. During the interview, he also talks about recording with producer Paul White in London, visiting his favorite dumpling spot in Melbourne, and his Street Fighter 2 arcade cabinet. Listen to the whole thing above and brace for impact soon!

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