Audio Push Remembers The First Albums And Cars They Bought On First Thing’s First

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California duo Audio Push’s (consisting of Julian “Oktane” Browne & Larry “Price” Jacks) carefree attitudes hide their fierce work ethic. Since signing to Interscope Records back in 2009, the singers have cranked out no fewer than 11 mixtapes, and their newest single “Servin,'” from their Stone Junction EP dropping April 8, is already priming our eardrums for more. But even amid all that work, the Hit-Boy collaborators sat down to talk with WatchLOUD about some firsts in their lives.

First CD:

Price: “One of the first albums I remember getting…my best friend at the time bought it for me…was The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem. I was in the fourth grade, and my friend Louis went to the mall and bought the CD. Shouts to Louis, that changed my life, straight up.”

Oktane: “Lil’ Bow Wow’s ‘Beware Of Dog‘ was the first album where I was like ‘You know what? I’m buying this.'”

First car:

Price: “A Ford Escort. A Hispanic dude at my old job at KFC used to come to work every day and do donuts in the parking lot. He came to work one day with a new car…and told me I could have [the old car]. It was a piece of crap, it broke down on me on prom night, but then a few years later I bought a real Ford Escort.”

Oktane: “A BMW 328-i. I learned how to drive stick; that was pretty scary. I’ve still got it, actually. It’s still in my grandmas’ front yard.”

Watch the interview above to find out their first time on an plane, their first jobs, and the first time they heard themselves on the radio.

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