The Scenario: 5 Ways This TV Cop Would End Cuffing Season


Actor Hampton Fluker seems like a nice enough guy. A few clicks into his Instagram posts and you can see him mentoring kids and giving his dog Badu a belly rub while they watch TV. But when he steps into his character, Detective Marcus Tufo on NBC’s cop drama “Shades Of Blue,” he’s the last guy to make any kind of public PDA, on or off line. Acting alongside vets like Ray Liotta and Jennifer Lopez, Fluker’s Tufo has distinguished himself as a loyal but libidinous law enforcement Lothario.

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“When it comes to women he probably has a whole lot of growing up to do and I don’t think he’s quite there where he can settle down,” says Fluker, who is making the most of his first turn as a series regular. “But I think the positive traits of Tufo is that he’s extremely loyal. He’s loyal as a dog. The show is about a type A group of corrupt cops, but it’s really a show about family. So I think part of his off-kilter way of living is to laugh to keep from crying. I think he makes a lot of jokes not to go into a dark place.”

With the weather warming up in the Northern hemisphere, the clocks springing forward and the “Shades Of Blue” season finale upon us, we are witnessing the final days of Cuffing Season in every way imaginable. So who better to share an exit strategy for a fugitive liaison than a cop who is hot in the crotch? Fluke humored us and shared just how his character Marcus Tufo would bring an end to Cuffing Season with his special brand of tough love.

1) In person

I think to end Cuffing Season Tufo would probably meet her in person at a coffee shop, but he wouldn’t be there though. He would be in the kitchen having left a note on the table telling her it’s over. Then leave outside the back and never see her again. Because he’s mean. But he’d get enjoyment out of seeing her realize that it’s over. He’d have signed it “It’s over. Peace. Smiley face.”


2) On social media

I think he’d be on Instagram and would probably do a dub-smash.  It’s one of those dub smashes with two people, but since he’s arrogant, he’d play both characters. He’d do a song like the Teletubbies theme song, that had nothing to do with it, but just say “It’s the end of cuffing season” and tag her in it.


3) Via text

“Violets are blue, roses are red. Peace.” That’s what he’d say.

text break up

4) Over the phone/talking

He’d call her while he’s eating. He’s eating a pizza and says ‘By the way, it’s over.’

tyler the creator were done

5) After Netflix and Chill

He’d put on a summer blockbuster that everyone has seen and try to focus [on getting busy]. Then to leave I think he’s one of those cats who would get one of his friends to do an emergency call. He’s like “Bruh, call me at 9:30 and I’ll just meet you at Starbucks or something.” I think he’s one of those cats.


After listing all of these evil things Fluker came to one conclusion about his character: “Tufo needs to fall in love, man.”

Tune into the season finale of “Shades Of Blue” Thursday night on NBC to see if karma catches up to Tufo and his crew.

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