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J-Zone Takes You Behind The Scenes Of His New Album “Fish-n-Grits”

We could say something clever about one of hip-hop’s greatest unsung talents, J-Zone, but he sums up this clip about his new album Fish-N-Grits, better than we could:

J-Zone details the making of his 6th solo LP (and 12th overall), Fish-n-Grits, from a musical standpoint. From producing, to brushing up on past instruments; to finding inspiration in unlikely sources like funk 45s and mom and pop drum shops; to demystifying the inner workings of a true independent hip-hop label, it’s a day in the life for J-Zone, self-proclaimed “jack of all trades, master of none.” When asked why he chose to give a candid look at his one-man operation rather than a traditional music video, Zone gave the tongue in cheek answer you might expect from him: “When I do hip-hop hand motions in the camera it doesn’t look convincing – and I don’t own enough outfits.”

Serving as a bridge between Zone’s 2013 comeback offering (Peter Pan Syndrome) and a forthcoming group project with Prince Paul and Sacha Jenkins (SuperBlack), Fish-n-Grits captures his development as an artist and musician, with occasional nods to the past.

UPDATE: Stream the full album, out on April 1st, below:


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