Karriem Riggins Was Inspired To Rap By J Dilla

Karriem Riggins is a staple in the Detroit jazz/hip-hop scene, and being so, it’s hard not to be inspired by J Dilla. Riggins sat down with Mass Appeal to talk about Dilla’s influence on his art for the upcoming project The Diary. 

“He always said that when he got on the mic he had an alter ego,” Riggins recalled. “He was not himself on the mic; he was very flamboyant and confident. The Dilla we knew was very humble, very quiet.” Even so, Riggins remembers that Dilla had the best verses on whatever project he decided to rap over – even against Common.

Riggins and Dilla originally met at a club in Detroit called The Shelter when House Shoes used to throw parties, and eventually the two hooked up when Dilla asked him to play drums on Slum Village’s Fantastic vol. 2. 

Check the whole interview above.

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