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5 Things Better Than A Biggie Hologram


R&B star Faith Evans announced that her long discussed duets album with her late husband Christopher “Notorious B.I.G” Wallace, The King & I will finally be released this year. When asked if she would perform the album live she revealed that she was in talks with a hologram company to recreate BIG’s likeness on stage.  As happy as we are to hear of this music coming we must respectfully say that, like the Tupac and Michael Jackson ones before it, a Biggie hologram is like trying to recreate a gourmet meal using a microwave. It just shouldn’t be done.

Here are 5 Things we’d rather see than a Biggie hologram:

1. His kids rapping his rhymes…

Biggie’s son CJ is almost 20 and has some experience in this area, having portrayed his pops in Notorious and forming his own rap group, Origami Prophets. His daughter T’yanna is fresh from her studies at Penn State and would be a welcome sight for fans who only know her as the daughter Biggie apologized to on “My Downfall.”

2. The kid from the album cover lip-syncing his rhymes…

The cover to Biggie’s debut Ready To Die remains one of the most widely recognized in the genre. The cherubic kid in an afro represented everything Big would lay his life down for. But as most fans would come to realize, it was not Biggie or his child on the cover, rather a baby model hired for the shoot.  We’re not sure what 23-year-old Bronx native Keithroy Yearwood is up to now, but who could resist attending a show with “The Biggie Baby” on the bill? And since he only got $150 to pose for one of the most iconic album covers of all time, giving him a chance to cash in some fame wouldn’t hurt.


3. Gravy lip-syncing his rhymes…

Rapper turned actor Jamal “Gravy” Woodard is making a career out of playing Biggie in movies. After assuming Wallace’s identity in 2009’s Notorious he will be reprising the role in the upcoming Tupac biopic directed by Benny Boom. Minus well let him live out the dream on stage.

4. Lil Cease rapping his rhymes…

After Lil Kim, No MC on the planet was closer to Biggie than Cease, so why not have him perform Biggie’s verses? I’d pay good money to hear him spit “”I used to be as strong as Ripple be/Til Lil’ Cease crippled me” from “Long Kiss Goodnight.”


5. South Park Biggie

With Butters as his hype man the entire crowd can hold hands and look into a mirror saying “Biggie Smalls” 3 times as he appears to perform a rousing rendition of “Party & Bullshit.”


Either way, we think any of these options would be better than watching a 3D light reconstruction of the greatest rapper of all time.

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