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Hamburger Helper Mixtape “Watch The Stove” Is Flames

Watch The Stove Helper

Sentient twitter account Hamburger Helper @helper has done what no food-based social media account has ever done, drop a mixtape that seriously could compete with what’s on the radio.

The 5-track EP called Watch The Stove features the cuts, “Feed The Streets,” “Hamburger Helper,” “Crazy,” “Food For Your Soul” and “In Love With The Glove.” It is the debut project from the Helper mascot “Lefty.”

Served up with a healthy dose of 808s and ground steak, Watch The Stove is parody at its best and has fans jumping on the bandwagon with plates in hand.


Rapper and producer NileseyyNiles appears to be the brainchild behind it all and actually teased the project several days ago.

If the “Why You Lyin” Vine can make it to the clubs, expect “Feed The Streets” to be in DJ’s rotation this weekend. The project actually works because the Helper Twitter account ran out of f*cks a long time ago and Tweets like your favorite rapper.



Stream or download Hamburger Helper’s Watch The Stove below.



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