Michael Christmas Goes On A FaceTime Adventure In The “Bubbling” Video

Boston’s Michael Christmas is as playful and tongue-in-cheek a rapper as we could hope for in this day and age. His music always has a tendency to lean toward airy and bouncy production, all punctuated by Christmas’ pop culture-laden bars. His latest music video for the infectious single “Bubbling” is just as lighthearted, filmed entirely through FaceTime on three respective iPhones.

Christmas and friend/fellow rapper OG Swaggerdick wander the city on two of the phone, while the third features a rotating cast of friends, including Trinidad James, Asher Roth, A-Trak & Zedd, and many more. What A Weird Day was one of 2015’s most underrated projects, so we can only hope that Christmas has more plans for 2016. Noisey claims there’s an EP of some kind dropping later this spring, so keep your ears peeled.

Check the Goodwin-directed video above.


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