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Watching Snoopavision Is The Best Way To Spend April Fool’s Day

Last year Snoop Dogg caused the Internet to implode when he narrated nature documentaries for Jimmy Kimmel for a segment called “Plizzanet Earth.” His HTC-laced voice overs proclaiming his allegiance to “Team Otter” resurfaced via Twitter earlier this year further cementing the legend. Today Youtube took that experience five steps further by immersing the their videos in the 360 degree Snoop experience called SnoopaVision.

“We originally wanted the “Gin & Juice” video to be in 360 but the technology just wasn’t here yet,” Snoop says in the promo clip. “So I coded the hell out of this software to get me the hell up in there.”

Advertising it as a “revolutionary new way to watch Youtube” popular videos like Snoop’s GGN interview with Larry King, “When A Silver Back Attacks” and “Mommys Big Secret” are g-mixed with live narration from Snoop in a 360-degree theater.

Youtube’s 360 Product Manager, Preeya Khanna, couldn’t believe how advanced Snoop’s video skills were. “We thought his involvement would be limited to a few recording sessions but somehow, some way, he kept coming up with these ground breaking ideas like every single day.”

It’s Friday, you ain’t got no job. So minus well sit back and enjoy your Youtube videos in #Snoopavision.


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