Smoke DZA’s Wrestlemania XXXII Prediction

Hip-hop and wrestling are both steeped in grandstanding and the art of performance, which is why it makes all the sense in the world that the two worlds often come together. Master P’s No Limit Soldiers were fierce competition back in the 1990s and Snoop Dogg just became the first rapper ever to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame last night (April 2). Hip-hop artists of all stripes consider themselves wrestling fans, but few are as devoted as Smoke DZA. Wrestlemania 32 starts tonight at 6PM, but he already knows what the score is.

“The cards are shaping up, but we already know Roman Reigns is gonna win because that’s just the guy that they want to win,” DZA says in an interview with WatchLoud. “I might be more interested in Shane McMahon vs. Undertaker in Hell In The Cell because there’s gotta be some sort of twist to that match.” DZA is just one of many loyal fans, hip-hop or otherwise, that will be at Wrestlemania 32 today (April 3) in Dallas, TX, where Roman Reigns is challenging Triple H for the crown tonight.

Unfortunately, the spectre of Daniel Bryan’s career-ending concussions from last year also hovers over this Wrestlemania this year. “It made sense for the WWE to retire [Bryan] as an active character on the roster…They’re protecting the business, one, and protecting Daniel Bryan, 2,” he admits. “It’s bittersweet because that’s one of my favorite guys, but I’m sure he’ll still be around.”

On the other hand Harry Fraud is more about the classics like Jake The Snake and The Ultimate Warrior than anything. “I respect it, but it’s crazy because so many of my close friends like DZA and my engineer John Sparks, they fucking love that shit. You can’t even hit him on Monday nights because of RAW (laughs).”

Check the video interview above and make sure to tune into Wrestlemania 32 tonight at 6PM.

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