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A Pimp Not A Simp: Watch the Documentary Highlighting Pimp C’s Legacy


“When you lose someone like Pimp C, you lose a cultural bulletproof vest. You lose somebody that was actually willing to stand up and take the bullet for the culture, that was willing to be honest and say the things that maybe people were afraid to say or that people didn’t want to hear.” – Bun B on the loss of Pimp C

When you first think of Pimp C, so many things come to mind—his time in the classic southern duo, UGK, that time he demolished Hov on his own track, his International Players Anthem verse, and much more.

Pimp C was easily one of the most raw and realest influential southern rappers. To commemorate his legacy and even dispel a few misconceptions, Mass Appeal and Complex Magazine teamed up for the documentary, Long Live The Pimp. Directed by Marcus A. Clarke, the 30 minute documentary—which features Bun B, DJ Paul, his wife Chinara Butler and more— gives us a look at Pimp C’s 2002 incarceration and how his passion for music and the south impacted his life.

Take a look at Long Live The Pimp: A Documentary on the Life and Influence of Pimp C below:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7F4fQy0Rc6Q]

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