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KRS Answers MC Shan’s Battle Challenge With “Still Huggin A Nut [S.H.A.N.]”

KRS One vs MC Shan 2016

Things that start on April Fool’s Day don’t end too well. On April 1st Queens rap legend MC Shan appeared on the Murder Master Music Show to insist that he was not on the losing end of the historic “Bridge Wars” between Boogie Down Productions, lead by KRS-One, and his Juice Crew.

“Me and [KRS-One have] never battled, ever. I don’t care [what some say]; any Hip-Hop historian knows a battle is two cats on stage, doin’ what they do. I just went off on him a couple of months ago. He’s my man and all that, but yo, I’m tired of [KRS-One] sayin’ that [he] took me out, when you ain’t never did shit!”

The host of the show offered KRS a chance to respond, but according to AmbrosiaForheads, the Blast Master instead demanded an apology.

Shan reiterated his challenge by calling KRS out to battle for a prize, even offering up a pre-battle verse in a phone recording.

“I got some shit for you, Kris. You know I’ve never been scared of you, on any level.” He added that he wants the battle to be acapella “so they don’t mistake what’s going on [and miss] the actual facts.” He closed, “I’m not goin’ round about, I’m goin’ straight for your head.”



Welp, KRS-One has responded and it’s…pretty damn brutal. In the two-minute assault called “S.H.A.N. (Still Huggin A Nut) KRS reminds Shan that he took him out in ’86 and after 30 years he still can’t recover.

I still got it and gat it. Because of you the Bridge was over, til Nas came back with Illmatic/ You don’t even rap good, G you not ‘hood/ You the opposite of Nas, just spell your name backwards…

Ouch. Listen the the full response below.

It was twenty years ago this year that the two vets relived their ’80s rivalry in a Sprite commercial and things seemed to be pretty squashed all the way back then. Maybe watching Nas big up KRS in Time Is Illmatic got under Shan’s skin. We’ll eagerly be waiting for Shan’s response.


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