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Puff Daddy Originally Told DMX That He Was Unmarketable

Adding to the list of historical missed opportunities, DMX appeared on Nore and DJ EFN’s “Drink Champs” podcast to recall when Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs refused to sign him when he first met him.

Back in the ’90s The Lox were already signed to Combs’ Bad Boy Records and Darin “Dee” Dean from Ruff Ryders told Puff that if he liked The Lox he’d love DMX. However, after X spit Puff told him that his voice was too rough and that he was unmarketable.

“I respect that about Puff. A lot of motherfuckers send you on a wild goose chase. They won’t tell you [what they think],” X says of the rejection. “He told me to my face that my voice was too rough and that I was unmarketable.”

However, three weeks after he signed to Def Jam Puff had a change of heart and offered him double what Def Jam was giving him plus some pocket money.  While X obviously didn’t take him up on it, he went on to record classics with Bad Boy artists like “Money, Power & Respect,”Niggaz Done Started Something.”

How do you think DMX would have sounded on Bad Boy? Listen to the full podcast here.

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