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D12 Pays Homage to the Life of Proof in New Documentary


“It’s my destiny to be, the truth nevertheless/ Nothin new your boy/ Proof is better than best/Elliot Ness to these fuckin gangsters and killers.” – Proof on “Clap with Me

Today marks 10th years since the death of Detroit’s very own, Big Proof. As one of the many pioneers of Detroit hip-hop and the man responsible for bringing D12 together, DeShaun Holton was an inspiration to all with his positivity.

As a way to pay homage to ‘The Mayor of Detroit’, the members of D12 got together to reminisce over memories of their late friend in the documentary created by All Hip Hop. Kuniva, Bizzarre, Swifty, and Denaun all shared their first impressions, funniest moments as Derty Harry and more. Proof’s legacy continues to live on through the people he touched and his impact on hip-hop. Watch as D12 celebrates the life of Proof below:

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